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Kitchen and Bathroom Flooring That’s Engineered to Impress

By November 2, 2017 7,102 Comments
engineered laminate flooring in bathroom

Kitchens and bathrooms are highly active areas—often the busiest rooms in the house. This is why they need floors that can stand up to splashes and spills, high temps and humidity, heavy traffic, and anything that happens when family and friends get together. Don’t forget that they are also the most visible areas in your home, and they deserve to be styled to impress, beginning with great flooring. Today, with the help of an expert like the ones at Malkin’s Flooring, you can choose from endless options of durable, designer-inspired laminates and vinyls. Unlike earlier versions—remember those awful patterns of the 60s and 70s—modern synthetics are engineered to look like natural materials with added benefits.

Laminate Flooring Looks Natural, Lasts Longer

When you think of laminates, you probably think of them as an alternative to natural hardwood floors. While this is a popular style, laminates are also available that look like stone, tile, brick, or something else entirely. They are constructed of special resins and fibers, with top-coated print film that is fused to the surface. Because the film is digitally produced, it can be printed with wood grain, stone detail, or any design imaginable—all in a solid, easy-to-clean product that resists scratches, stains, dents, and heat damage. This makes laminate ideal for kitchens, but for bathrooms, consider other options that also can handle high humidity from hot showers and water from those warm bathes.

Visibly Better Vinyl

Tile has long been the go-to product for bathroom floors, but better quality and styles are making vinyl a viable option again. Today’s luxury vinyl tiles look like stone or tile, and can even be grouted, but they are warmer on your toes and easier to care for. Luxury vinyl planks combine the look of natural hardwood with the durable, affordable qualities of vinyl, in traditional or wide strips that allow for easy installation and creative combinations.

The Best Ideas for Kitchens and Bathrooms

Planks Prevail—Luxury vinyl planks (LVPs) look like wood, but resist scratches, dents, warping, and cracking. Best of all, they come in the long, wide style and all the colors that are hot for today’s home.

Gray Days—Gray and very dark wood tones are the latest home fashion and surprisingly versatile. It’s a contemporary twist that works with many different color schemes, including blue, yellow, green, red, and black. This flooring trend is one the experts at Malkin’s expect to last.

Stone Cold—The look of granite, marble, and cobblestones is becoming incredibly popular, thanks to vinyl and laminate versions. The easy care, cost, and comfort of these faux floors have added a new dimension to home design.

Heavy Metal—The latest look for bathrooms and other bold spaces is—wait for it—metallic vinyl. This avant-garde option will make your room truly unique, and when it’s time for a change, it can be replaced with the pattern of the day or any design you and your floor expert are ready to try.

The Best Ideas Begin at Malkin’s

At Malkin’s, our team members are in the fashion business, and can design the perfect look for every room in your house. Trust us for great ideas, excellent service, and perfect installation—all the things that help us create raving fans—and flooring fashionistas—every day!

Call us to schedule an in-home consultation, or visit our showroom for inspiration today.