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Fashionable Faux

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When it comes to hard-surface flooring, genuine wood, marble and stone are among the finest options out there. But if there isn’t room in the budget for the full natural treatment, there are many fantastic faux alternatives! With recent advancements in printing and production technology, many faux options look exactly like the real deal, leaving you with a stunning aesthetic for nearly half the cost.

From laminate to luxury vinyl, we broke down the most fashionable and durable faux options for your floors:

Due to its layered assembly, laminate flooring can be printed in hundreds of different designs and color options—most notably, genuine hardwood. But, unlike genuine hardwood, laminate resists scratches, moisture and all-around wear and tear. This durability is thanks to a combination of special resins, paper layers, fiber core, and a print film that are all fused together into a solid mass, making it great for active families and pet owners looking to inject some reasonably priced style into their space.

Ceramic and porcelain tiles have seen an incredible surge in popularity over the last ten years. It may have something to do with tile’s unmatched design versatility, as it can mimic natural stone varieties or draw inspiration from exotic locales with surfaces that evoke leather, fabric, or even animal prints. Or, it may be tile’s resilience, especially when it comes to surface scratches and moisture. But, on top of tile’s style and durability, one of the biggest contributors to its recent success has been its many price points. Whatever your budget, whatever your unique design style, you’ll be sure to find a tile to match.

Luxury Vinyl
Luxury vinyl comes in many different forms—sheets, tiles & planks—each with their own subtle differences. Sheet vinyl boasts rugged versatility and water-resistance which allows the surface to stand up to heavy household traffic. Tiles and planks offer the same comfort and durability with even more style flexibility; the ability to create different color and material configurations opens up countless design possibilities for your rooms. One thing all luxury vinyl flooring has in common, though, is its uncanny ability to mimic even the most luxurious hardwood, tile and stone options—affordably.

Malkin’s Is In The Fashion Business

No matter what style of décor you have—from formal to traditional, country to contemporary—Malkin’s has the designs that will bring your rooms alive, as we are in the fashion business! We invite you to visit our Menomonee Falls showroom or schedule an appointment here to discuss the many flooring options we offer.