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All About Grout

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Malkin's All About Grout

Grout—the glue that holds a home together. This practical paste fills the gaps and the crevices between your wall or floor tiles, keeping stains and moisture away while safely securing the tile to the surface below. And, if used correctly, it can add a bit of style too!

The Right Type
There are two main types of grout: sanded and un-sanded. And while both can be used for multiple applications, sanded grout is the recommended choice for flooring or gaps greater than 1/8th inch. Its thicker composition prevents shrinking in the joints, keeping your flooring or large-gapped wall tile in place. Un-sanded grout is much more common for wall tile & backsplashes as it clings to vertical walls better—and it’s better to look at, too.

The Right Style
The color and finish you choose for your grout should be just as considered as the type of flooring or backsplash material you use! But don’t just pick one color and stick to it; bring a few grout samples home and lay them underneath your material of choice to find the color that fits for you. When it comes to your walls, high-contrast and colored grout are all the rage right now. Dark grey or black grout combined with white subway-tile is a combination that’s popping up all over the home, from the bathroom to the kitchen. For your floors and other harsh environments, however, darker-colored grout is the go-to choice—and not just for style’s sake. The darker the grout, the less elbow grease you’ll need to get and keep those floors clean.

Endless Selections

With so many options, it helps to have the friendly experts at Malkin’s Flooring there to guide you through the process. Our pros will work on any size, any style and any type of tile or flooring project. We can help you add a small decorative backsplash in a kitchen or help install flooring throughout your entire home. Rely on our friendly expertise and great value for your next grout-related project!